Three Magic Words

Sign posted on a door at the Savannah College of Art and Design
Sign posted on a door at the Savannah College of Art and Design
Please/Thank you?  I love you? It's the weekend?  These combinations of three words certainly bring smiles and implications of the magic that make humans special.  We love to be appreciated.  We love to be loved.  We love our weekends!  In addition to these, my next group of three words would have to be "In the studio."  Those three words conjure visions of the perfect ahhhhh moment for me.  My studio is my safe haven.  I am safe there from the threat of undone housework, unwashed clothes, uncooked dinner, and unanswered phone calls.  It is the ultimate selfish retreat from the world.  It is My the studio.

Not all of my brain storms start in the studio, but it is there I am able to bring them to fruition.  I Am An Artist.  I am blessed with the drive, the talent and the skill to give form to these ideas.  I Must MAKE Art to be an Artist.  I know there are people reading this right now who hold the "I want to be An Artist" card.  Know that you will never be able to see that become a reality until you find your three magic the studio.

Yesterday's blog  Get Back in the Studio and Make Art! by Art Guru, Alyson B. Stevens, gets right to the heart of the matter: 

"Without your art, you wouldn’t be an artist. You’d just have an interesting hobby.

Without your art, your gifts to the world would be fewer and far less original.

Get back in the studio and make art!

 A studio doesn't have to be a wonderful spacious building - but it can be just that. One of my friends has the most awesome log cabin studio. We would all love to work there.  Before the log cabin, she painted in a corner of her basement next to a work bench and the lawn mower.  Some studios are in a corner of a kitchen or den.  Some are in a bedroom.  At one time, I painted mostly on my back deck under a huge old oak tree.  Now you can find me in a room off my the studio.

In the studio... a state of mind.  Now, all you creative types, GO TO YOUR STUDIO AND MAKE YOUR STUFF!



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