Super Art Guru Saves The Day!

Super Power Red Boots.   Alyson's Secret?
Super Power Red Boots. Alyson's Secret?

I love the idea of inviting people into your studio for private previews and/or sales. It is THE most personal kind of business contact.   I have two or three friends in mind who might also host private home sales for my work.  That's personal, but on a slightly different level.  However, I have neglected to follow through with this idea and have missed the opportunity for a pre-holiday sale...  I thought.  I am a huge believer in "It's never too late...."  This sounds like a job for Alyson Stanfield, Super Art Guru

While making a mid-afternoon email check at work yesterday, I was struck by how many "thoughtful" vendors had brought and would be bringing their wares into our lounge during the workday; considerate of them and convenient shopping for us.  Alyson entered (my mind) in terrific new red knee-high boots and a great looking art cape (with a print of one of my paintings).  She was singing, "Here I am to save the day.  It can still be a profitable holiday."   I thought to myself, Alyson, you are right once again.  They are invading my territory.  Why am I not the considerate one offering a convenience to my co-workers?  I remembered Alyson's blog on home-based art sales and preview parties.  I grew dizzy with the possibilities of the connection I had just made. 

Thirty minutes later, I was the considerate one with a flyer of visual "appetizers" and a promise of more to be revealed next Tuesday at a special Art Preview and Sale right after work.  Refreshments are to be served (always a hook for hungry coworkers).  A mass email will go out first thing today to reinforce the flyers.  I even scheduled this on the official calendar.  Once agan, I feel empowered, thanks to my super art guru, Alyson B. Stanfield.  She really deserves those new red boots!  In the past, I would have just vowed to wait until next year to schedule something in some personal home setting.  Now I am already feeling a successful ending will be on tap for Tuesday (one of Alyson's many helpful hints).  The last time I did this, I pictured three sales at an opening and made three sales.  I am going to picture a higher number this time.  My coworkers are already buzzing with positive remarks and anticipation.  I do believe this will be a win/win situation. 

Have I waited too late for a holiday art event?  I think not! Would you also like to attend this event?  Contact me.  I would love for you to be there to share in the excitement of starting, or adding to, an art collection.

At the top of today's must do list:  finding a pair of those terrific red knee high boots!  After all, I feel empowered.


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